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Salary Information Becoming Mandatory on Artsboard

Starting Monday, July 22nd, all new job postings on PACT’s Artsboard will need to have numerical information about remuneration in the “Salary Range” field in order to be approved and appear on the site.

This could be a salary ($45,000), a salary range ($40,000 – $55,000), a wage ($20/hr), or other specific numerical description of the compensation being offered. Phrases such as “commensurate with experience” or “to be negotiated” do not satisfy this requirement on their own, in the absence of numbers.

Our decision follows a similar requirement that the BC Alliance for Arts + Culture has had in place since late 2017. Most employers using Artsboard are already including numerical information in their postings, and we consider it a best practice that:

  • Respects the time and effort that job-seekers put into applying for positions
  • Ensures that employers are seeing candidates who are able to take the compensation on offer
  • Helps fight the gender wage gap and support equity-seeking workers in our sector
  • Starts off the potential employment relationship from a place of openness and trust

For more thoughts on these points and others, we encourage you to read this excellent article by Vu Le of Nonprofit AF:
When you don’t disclose salary range on a job posting, a unicorn loses its wings

For questions about HR best practices, please contact Tabitha Keast, PACT’s Human Resources Specialist, at

For questions about using Artsboard, please contact Zachary Moull, PACT’s Communications & Membership Associate, at

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