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Region 1 – Urban Ink

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Region 2- Quest Theatre

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Region 3 – Globe Theatre

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Region 4- Thousand Island Playhouse

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Region 5- Buddies in Bad Times

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Region 6 – Geordie

Region 7- Ship’s Company

Region 8- Artistic Fraud


21Sep 18
Waving From The Other Peak

Waving From the Other Peak

by Vicki Stroich Dramaturg and Arts Administrator Theatre is one of the most social and collaborative artistic practices there is.  The transition to a leadership role in an organization was an exciting challenge for me.  Given how I had worked…
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10Aug 18
What, PACT Has An HR Specialist?!

What, PACT has an HR Specialist?!

  Q: So you’re PACT’s HR Specialist, What does that mean for members? It means that there is now someone you can call for all those HR best practices, policy, standards and accessibility questions that you have. I can also…
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