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PACT is working to make your membership as valuable to you as possible.  This includes offering a group of insurance solutions for you that are customized for theatres.

pactONE™: a suite of insurance for members of PACT


We have partnered with Front Row Insurance Brokers Inc. to create a new suite of insurance for PACT members.

pactONE™ was created with an eye on anticipating and alleviating the distinct risks of theatre and performing arts professionals.


Blanketed coverage means no gaps: you’ll be insured from the moment you begin a project; from prepping and rehearsing your show, to opening night and right through your run as well as insuring all of your fundraising events and day-to-day operations and your volunteers.  This includes your general Commercial Insurance, Management Liability Insurance for your Directors & Officers, your Organization and for claims related to employment liability.


Production and operational coverage brought together seamlessly for the most complete insurance coverage available in Canada today.


For PACT members, Front Row’s actONE program even better.


creatively insured.


Two unlikely words most people would not think to combine, but Front Row has succeeded at bringing these two seemingly disconnected elements together—an interesting collaboration of sorts.


Our passion for what you create and our desire to help you make it happen is what propels us to be the very best we can be. We’ll find solutions so you can take your greatest CREATIVE RISKS without taking unnecessary PROFESSIONAL RISKS.


Lower Premiums

Even lower than the great actONE premiums.


Theatrical Property

$500,000 of insurance for props, sets and costumes, lights, sound and visual, computers, furniture and for your tenant improvements.


Unlimited Performance Disruption + Company Continuity

Enhanced coverage to pay for loss of revenues, additional costs to operate your company when your property is damaged.



$5,000,000 of insurance for bodily injuries at your theatre, fundraising events, use of non-owned vehicles, tours and the activities of running your company or for damage you cause to property.


Management Liability

To protect your directors, your officers and your company for claims related to the day-to-day management of the organization, employees or freelance staff and volunteers.


Legal Costs

Unlimited coverage for legal costs for claims related to injuries, damage to property or management liability claims.


Catastrophe Accident Indemnity

For delays, interruptions, postponements or cancellations caused by the injury, sickness, permanent disability or death of at least one-third of the members of your Cast; severe weather conditions; mechanical breakdown of vehicles or other methods of transportation.



Employee Dishonesty, Theft of Money: Credit Card Forgery, Depositors’ Forgery: Money Orders or Counterfeit Paper Currency


Everywhere You Go

All of your coverage follows you wherever you go. In a workshop, rehearsal space, theatre, your office or storage. Automatically for Canada and the USA, and easily extended to other countries.



The easiest way ever to post your Bond with CAEA. On-line, fast and affordable.


Plus some extras

Cast + Performer Performance Disruption

Easy to add coverage for cancellations for the non-appearance of individual performers or cast caused by injury, illness or death, or due to travel delays.


Accident and Emergency Medical Insurance

Coverage can be added to cover your people when work in and out of Canada.


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A Simple Solution for your CTA Bond

The PACT Bond Program is designed to provide a long-term solution for PACT Regular and Affiliate members, to ease cash-flow and to promote the growth of theatre across Canada.


What Exactly is the PACT Bond Program?

The PACT Bond Program is a third-party surety bond designed to satisfy a company’s security requirements. Standard and peak bonds are also available. The program is administered by cultureONE and Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company.


What does a Bond Cost?

The cost of a bond is 1.5% of the amount of security required by the CTA. The minimum bond fee is $275.


How do I get a Bond?

Contact PACT’s Labour Relations staff for more information on how to enroll in the Bond Program.

Eleanor Antoncic, Labour Relations Manager

If you are renewing your bond please click here.

Please note: The PACT Bond Program is currently open to PACT Regular and Affiliate Members only.


Who is Supporting This Program?

Trisura Guarantee is a specialty-focused Canadian insurance company that underwrites unique insurance products for directors, officers & employment liability, contract, commercial & construction surety bonds, professional liability and media liability. Backed by Brookfield Asset Management Inc., Trisura have an AM Best financial strength rating of A- (excellent).

cultureONE has twenty years of experience providing insurance brokerage & risk management services for many of Canada’s leaders in arts and culture.


What are PACT Members Saying About the Program?

Feedback about the program has been overwhelmingly positive. They say the process is simple and they love the amount of cash-flow that remains in their theatre’s budget, allowing them to do more things.

One member says “I would like to thank everyone at PACT for whatever hard work it took to initiate this bond program. So far, it is an excellent innovation that has really helped our organization. Well Done!”

Want to talk about the Bond program, contact Front Row Insurance?





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We have partnered with Blueprint Insurance Services and RWAM Insurance Administrators to create a new revised plan now available to all PACT members across Canada. Our ultimate goal is to take the job of managing benefits off your to-do list and put it onto theirs. Blueprint will help you with all aspects of transitioning to a new carrier or the startup of a new plan.


The PACT Plan is Available to Members of All Sizes

  • If you have 3 employees or less you will have access to a pre-designed plan structure that provides comprehensive benefits with very competitive rates
  • For members with more than 3 employees the plan offers complete flexibility to tailor a plan to suit your needs

Highlights of the Plan

  • Full benefit offering
  • Best-in-class carrier selection
  • Plan design flexibility
  • Electronic claim submission (website and app)
  • Online administration
  • Competitive expense levels
  • Opportunity for increased benefit levels
  • Employee Assistance Plan

Benefits Available

  • Health Care
  • Dental Care
  • Vision Care
  • Out of Province Medical Coverage
  • Health Care Spending Account
  • Life Insurance
  • Long & Short Term Disability Insurance
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment
  • WorldCare Access
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Employee Assistance Plans

Blueprint Will Help You With

  • Reviewing your existing plan or designing a new plan with alternates depending on your objectives
  • Gathering information required to obtain a quote
  • Completing enrolment forms and Master application
  • Customizing employee member kits (including a streamlined benefit summary)
  • Any correspondence to your existing carrier
  • Training for online admin system and employer online access
  • Tips on best way to submit claims
  • Troubleshooting any claims issue

Information Required to Provide a Quote (if a plan is already in place)

  • Employee Census Data (basic information on your employees such as D.O.B., gender, single or family coverage, etc.)*
    • You can provide names or some kind of identifying number that will allow you to know who the employee is
  • A copy of your current employee Booklet(s) or plan design
  • A short Fact Finder that tells us a little about your organization*
  • A copy of your most recent billing statement/Previous claims history**


* Members, please log in to access and download these documents

** These items are standard practice in the insurance industry, similar to how an automobile insurer would require to be informed of your accident and driving history before quoting. This information will allow our carrier to provide a more precise quote and should be provided to you from your current broker at renewal time. Rest assured it is all held in the strictest of confidence.


Please contact one of our representatives at Blueprint Insurance to help discuss your objectives, streamline the process and ultimately come up with the best strategies and solutions for your employees.

Michael Kelly

Toll Free: 1.855.561.4544
Direct: 289.427.5283
Cell: 905.599.7935

Adriana Chiappetta
Employee Benefits Account Executive

Toll Free: 1.855.561.4544
Direct: 289.427.5283
Cell: 905.599.7935

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