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This section contains documents and resources created (in whole or in part) by the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres.

These include, among other things, negotiated agreements and their contracts and tools created for PACT members like company category calculation workbooks and an advocacy toolkit.

Some documents are for members only – please log in to view and download them.

   CTA Side Letters and Joint Interpretations
   CTA Contracts and Checklists
   Company Category Calculation Workbooks
2015-2018 Canadian Theatre Agreement (Terms)
Material Terms and Conditions 96 downloads 25-09-2018 12:40 Download
2018-2019 CTA Fee Booklet
69 downloads 18-07-2018 13:50 Login
PACT & Equity Joint Statement on 2018 CTA Negotiations
202 downloads 20-04-2018 11:40 Download
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