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Our Mission & Vision

PACT is a member driven organization that promotes and supports the practice of theatre in Canada.

We believe:

  • People that work in theatre deserve supportive and equitable working environments
  • Theatre practice should encourage creativity, afford risk and accommodate change
  • Theatre makes an essential contribution to the quality of life in Canada
  • The experience of theatre should be accessible to all
  • Theatre companies should be as diverse as the communities they serve

Who we are:

  • We strive to be cognizant of the needs of our members by offering programs and services that benefit them and Canadian theatre
  • We are a proactive and responsive organization making prudent use of our resources
  • We foster opportunities where theatre practitioners can come together
  • We are a leader in the national performing arts community and an advocate for live performance
  • We aspire to be an organization that is representative of the breadth of Canadian theatre
  • We are led by the principles of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility and strive to incorporate these principles in everything we do
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