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Why should my theatre company join PACT?

We work hard to create theatre, often times with less resources than we would like. Frankly it’s a labour of love. However, it can sometimes be isolating and stressful. By becoming a PACT member you access a supportive network of your peers from coast to coast to coast. It is a great opportunity to form professional connections with other arts managers or practitioners with whom you can bounce ideas, ask questions and share experiences.

You can take part in our Learning & Networking events to develop your skillset, most of these take place via webinar or phone conferencing.

Regular & commercial memberships include the support of our Labour Relations Manager to answer your questions about contracting artists under different agreements and how to interpret them. You can also find helpful templates and tools under the Contract and Resources section on the PACT website.

Member companies are also able to take advantage of the Trisura Bond program when contracting CAEA artists which allows them to free up money when planning their season. Members can also sign-up for a PACT negotiated Group Health and Employee Benefit Program, and the pactONE insurance suite via Blue Print Insurance.

View a comprehensive list of PACT membership benefits.

What types of membership are there?

There are four options for membership  – Regular/Commercial, Associate and Affiliate (which does not use the collectively negotiated agreements).  The main differences between the membership types is that:

Affiliate Members…

  • Do not operate under relevant negotiated agreements, including the CTA
  • Have voting rights on all PACT business with the exception of negotiated labour relations agreements

Regular /Commercial Members…

  • Operate (or will operate) under relevant negotiated agreements, including the CTA

View a comprehensive list of PACT membership benefits.

What type of company is eligible to become a member of PACT?

To be eligible a company should…

  • Be one of the following: corporation, association, partnership, co-operative, society or proprietorship
  • Be either for-profit or not-for-profit
  • Be engaged professionally in the creation of theatre in Canada
  • Have produced at least one season (as defined by the company)
  • Have objectives consistent with PACT

I'm not a professional theatre company can I still engage with PACT?

Sure you can! If you would like to connect with your peers via our region or caucus networks or sit on a committee then you might want to consider becoming a PACT Colleague. As a colleague you would still be able to access a lot of our benefits such as our Learning and Networking events.

Educational institutions or non-producing companies can apply to become organizational colleagues. Individuals who may have been working with PACT as part of their organization and are now in between jobs can continue to be involved as Individual Colleagues. Students can prepare themselves for the career they are about to embark on by joining PACT as Student Colleagues.

View the different Colleague types here.

What does the application process entail?

Well, we are happy to report that it is simple and straightforward. You fill out an application online. You will be asked to provide the names of two references for your company and last year’s financial statements. The online calculator will assess your membership dues.

Once we receive your application we will contact your references. Your application is first approved by the Membership & Engagement committee and then by the Board of Directors.

We will then be in touch to welcome you into the membership,and you will be able to access PACT’s resources and connect to our peer networks.

Remember if you get stuck at any stage in the process our Membership & Communications Manager, Mirette Shoeir, is on hand to help you.

I'm a small company, can I afford to be a PACT member?

Absolutely! Member dues are based on an average of each member’s annual gross revenues for the past three years. This accounts for financial variability from year to year.

View our membership dues structure.

I still have a ton of questions!

Good, it means you’re interested! After you’ve read about the various benefits PACT membership offers and how it could enrich and support your company’s practice, you can view our membership dues.

If you have any further questions drop our Membership & Communications Manager, Mirette Shoeir, a line and she will be happy to chat with you.

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