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What, PACT Has An HR Specialist?!
Alicia Cachia

What, PACT has an HR Specialist?!


Q: So you’re PACT’s HR Specialist, What does that mean for members?

It means that there is now someone you can call for all those HR best practices, policy, standards and accessibility questions that you have. I can also help you navigate the legalese of old and new workplace-related legislation and figure out how it applies to your company. Below are just a few of the issues that I can help you with:

  • Employment standards questions
  • Employee recruitment, selection and retention
  • Employee engagement ideas
  • Workplace harassment concerns
  • Accessibility
  • Non-discrimination and equal employment hiring practices
  • Human Rights as they apply to the workplace
  • Crafting HR policies and procedures
  • Performance management
  • Human Resources best practices

If you have questions about something not on this list chances are I can still help you or point you in the direction of someone who can so give me a call (416-595-6455 ext. 1512) or drop me a line (or just call to say hi!)

Q: Tell us about yourself!

My name is Alicia Cachia, and I have a formal education in Human Resources, Criminology & Teaching and was previously a Musical Theatre Major in High School at Etobicoke School of the Arts. When I was much much younger, I attended Avenue Road Arts School and was exposed to a wide variety of arts mediums such as sculpture, painting, drawing, cartooning, and acting. In my personal time I enjoy baking, cooking, reading, movies, and photography. I’ve worked as an HR specialist in many different industries including hospitality, landscape/construction, retail, and building maintenance. I am also an animal lover and have two cats.

Q: Will this be your only blog post?

Of course not! Every 5 weeks or so, you can expect a new blog post on a different HR topic from upcoming legislation that affects theatre, to HR best practices, to  motivating your team and resolving workplace conflict. Most posts will have a longer follow-up in the Peer to Peer Forum which will provide you with more resources, templates and detailed information pertaining to the topic at hand.

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