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The Travel Subsidy Fund allows staff at PACT member companies the opportunity to attend our annual Conference and AGM when they might otherwise not be able to. The Fund is comprised completely of the generous donations of our members.

By sponsoring a colleague to attend PACTcon2019 you are allowing your peers to take part in vital conversations (such as those around the CTA) that affect how they work and practice. This helps create new connections and engage other community members and so we can figure out how to move forward together.

Through the use of the Travel Subsidy Fund 8 people were able to come to the 2018 PACT conference in Ottawa and 11 people were able to come to the 2017 PACT conference in Charlottetown.

Please email our Membership & Communications Manager, Mirette A. Shoeir, with any questions or concerns.

A Special Thank You To Our Travel Subsidy Fund Donors


  • Andrea Lunney
  • Luke Reece
  • Emmy Alcorn
  • Allen MacInnis


  • Vertigo Theatre
  • Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival
  • Mirvish Productions
  • Theatre Orangeville
  • Gateway Theatre
  • Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre
  • Carousel Players
  • Prairie Theatre Exchange
  • Theatre Newfoundland Labrador
  • Roseneath Theatre
  • Tarragon Theatre
  • Shaw Festival
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