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The Travel Subsidy Fund allows staff at PACT member companies the opportunity to attend our annual Conference and AGM when they might otherwise not be able to. The Travel Subsidy Fund is a donation based program, and so the amount in the fund and number of people given subsidies varies from year to year. Through the use of the Travel Subsidy Fund 8 people were able to come to the 2018 PACT conference in Ottawa and 11 people were able to come to the 2017 PACT conference in Charlottetown.

It is our ongoing effort to subsidize every applicant to the Travel Subsidy program.

Contributing to the Travel Subsidy Fund

You can contribute to the Travel Subsidy Fund through our Donate page.

If your organization would like to sponsor the Travel Subsidy Fund, please visit our Sponsorships page.

Accessing the Travel Subsidy Fund

Applications to the Travel Subsidy Fund usually coincide with conference registration and can be found on the PACTcon website. Please email Mirette A. Shoeir with any questions or concerns.

What Travel Subsidy recipients have to say

“Attending the pact conference has become my organizational and personal barometer of health and welfare. The opportunity to hear from other colleagues provides clarity regarding where I and my company sit in the national theatrical context.”
– 2013 Travel Subsidy Recipient

“The PACT Travel Subsidy Fund is an extremely valuable initiative. The 2013 PACT Conference was the first I had ever attended. As the new General Manager of a theatre company, I felt that it was extremely important for me to be at the conference to meet colleagues from across Canada, to listen to what other companies are doing artistically and organizationally and to engage in broader discussions about Canadian Theatre. Simply put, I would not have been able to attend the conference – to access these important forms of professional development – without the support of the PACT Travel Subsidy Fund. I hope this program continues to enable emerging professionals to participate in PACT Conferences for many years to come!”
– Ashley Judd-Rifkin, MT Space

“For many of us working in isolation in our communities being able to travel to the PACT conference is our one chance in the year to really connect, to discuss theatre, business, issues and develop alliances for an engaged future. I hope to never miss a conference.”
– Caleb Marshall, Theatre New Brunswick

“Coming from a small company, the PACT travel subsidy made it possible for me to attend my first conference in Grand Bend, ON. Our company could not have otherwise afforded to send a representative. Being a new GM, the professional development and networking opportunities, as well as the historic CTA ratification and Canada Council information session were vital to my growth as an administrative professional in this field. Please contribute whatever you can to this fund as it’s an amazing opportunity for the Canadian theatre community to get together, share ideas and grow our companies”.
– Liz Lugwig, Northern Light Theatre

Travel Subsidy Fund Donors

Thank you to all those who have donated to the Travel Subsidy Fund over the years.


  • Emmy Alcorn
  • Aliyah Amarshi
  • Aliyah Amarshi
  • Ardith Boxall
  • Alex Currie
  • Kristen Dion
  • Jay Dodge
  • Ivan Habel
  • Thomas Jones
  • Amanda Kellock
  • Alicia Ludlow
  • Andy Lunney
  • Allen MacInnis
  • Alex Mustakas
  • Frank Nickel
  • Vanessa Porteous
  • Susan Ready
  • Peter Roberts
  • Michael Shamata
  • Nancy Webster
  • Kathryn Westoll
  • Peter Zednik
  • Anonymous (1)


  • Arts Club Theatre Company
  • Belfry Theatre
  • Catalyst Theatre
  • Drayton Entertainment
  • Mirvish Productions
  • Prairie Theatre Exchange
  • Roseneath Theatre
  • Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre
  • Theatre Calgary
  • Theatre Direct Canada
  • Theatre New Brunswick
  • Theatre Orangeville
  • Young People’s Theatre
  • Anonymous (1)
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