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“Canadian Actors’ Equity Association represents professional artists including performers (actors, singers, dancers), directors, choreographers, fight directors and stage managers, engaged in theatre, opera and dance in English Canada.”

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Canadian Theatre Agreement (CTA)

The CTA sets the terms and conditions under which our member theatres engage CAEA-member actors, directors, choreographers, fight directors, and stage managers. PACT member theatres (with the exception of our Affiliate members) are required to operate under the CTA.

The CTA is negotiated on a three-year term – The current agreement is effective June 29, 2015 to June 24, 2018.

Looking for the CTA?

Download the following documents from Contracts and Resources:

  • Canadian Theatre Agreement (2015-2018)
  • Fee Booklet – Canadian Theatre Agreement (2015-2018)
  • Contracts & Forms (Members only)
  • Company Category Calculation Workbooks (Members only)

Not in Our Space!

Not in Our Space! is a national anti-harassment and respectful workplace collaboration campaign between Equity and PACT which seeks to ensure healthy and productive working conditions for all professionals working in live performance across the country.

Demographic Data Collection

We are currently collecting demographic data from all artists engaged by our member theatres. This research initiative, designed by PACT and CAEA, supports our shared commitment to promoting equal engagement opportunities in Canadian Theatre.

This data collection initiative takes the form of a voluntary online survey distributed to artists on the first day of rehearsal at our member theatres. Aggregate data is reviewed annually by a joint PACT-CAEA committee and further disseminated to promote best practices. This information is vital to pursuing employment equity and an inclusive theatre ecology for everyone.

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