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L’APASQ represents designers working in Québec in theatre, music, dance, variety, opera, circus, and multidisciplinary forms. It has a dual mandate:

  1. The study, defense, and development of the economic, social, moral, and professional interests of the artists it represents, whether they are members of the association or not.
  2. The promotion and dissemination of Québécois scenographic creation at national and international exhibitions, symposiums, round tables, and conferences.

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PACT-APASQ Agreement

This agreement sets the terms and conditions under which our member theatres engage professional designers in Québec, in the disciplines of sets, costumes, lighting, sound, props, hair and wigs, make-up, and puppets. PACT member theatres that produce theatre created in Québec operate under this agreement.

The ADC-PACT Agreement is negotiated on a five-year term – The current agreement is effective 2017 – 2022.

Looking for documents?

Download the following documents from Contracts and Resources:

  • PACT – APASQ Agreement (2012-2017)
  • Appendix A – Contract (Members only)
  • Appendix B – Remittances (Members only)
  • Appendix B – Remuneration (Members only)
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