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Supporting Theatres and Artists

We help theatres operate at their very best – providing safe and inclusive spaces in which artists can thrive. Our members adhere to labour agreements PACT negotiates with artist associations representing the broad spectrum of theatre artists across Canada. Recognizing the common interests of theatres and artists, these agreements set a starting point for fruitful working relationships in Canadian Theatre.

PACT negotiates agreements with:

Regular, Commercial and Associate members adhere to these agreements and receive support from our Labour Relations staff. This includes advice on interpretation as well as other issues such as health and safety, taxation, charitable and employment regulations, and copyright.

Inclusive Casting Practices

PACT and its member theatres advocate for inclusive casting.

Inclusive casting is defined in the CTA as:

the casting of Artists who self-identify as diverse (e.g. Aboriginal, age, disability, ethno-cultural identity, gender, or sexual identity), in roles where ethnicity, gender, age, or the presence or absence of a disability is not prescribed.

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