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Connect with your colleagues through facilitated teleconference calls on focused topics. Group sizes are kept small to ensure maximum participation and engagement. No cost for PACT members to participate – open to all staff (unless otherwise indicated) at PACT member companies. Contact PACT’s Professional Development Manager Boomer Stacey to share your ideas.

For information on individual events and workshops, visit our Events Calendar.

Contract Conversations

Welcome to the 2nd year of conference calls that merge professional development Hot Topic ( formerly 1st Thursday) calls with labour relations topics. Aside from the face-to-face “super happy fun time” at PACTcon or calling in to speak to our Labour Relations Manager, Eleanor Antoncic, about your contract agreement needs, PACT members don’t always have the opportunity to chat to other PACT members about their labour relation questions or concerns.

Contract Conversations will focus on specific labour relations or contract agreement questions or hot topics. Special Guests with seasoned experience will join the call to facilitate with expert opinion and inform participants on best practice. Topic selection will be driven by need and informed by member requests. If you have a specific topic that you think would be great to share with your fellow members or a request for a specific topic please email PACT’s Professional Development Manager Boomer Stacey.

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