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There are two major bodies with a national scope that fund the arts in Canada: the Canada Council for the Arts and the Department of Canadian Heritage. As well, the National Arts Centre launched the National Creation Fund in 2018.

Canada Council for the Arts

The Canada Council for the Arts is a federal crown corporation accountable to Parliament through the Minister of Canadian Heritage. The Council’s operates the Canadian Commission for the UNESCO and has mandate is to foster and promote the study and enjoyment of, and the production of works in, the arts. The Canada Council for the Arts invests in artistic excellence with grants, services, prizes and payments to professional Canadian artists and arts organizations, including theatre artists and organizations.

Canada Council for the Arts granting programs and strategic funds include:

Department of Canadian Heritage

Canadian Heritage is a department of the federal government responsible for supporting cultural experiences, celebrating Canadian history and heritage, and participating in building creative communities. Through a number of funds and programs, the Department of Canadian Heritage aims to support the expression ideas and perspectives and the sharing of stories and images that are uniquely Canadian.

Canadian Heritage funding programs relevant to the performing arts include:

National Arts Centre

The National Creation Fund invests in the development of compelling and ambitious new Canadian works in theatre, dance, music and inter-disciplinary performing arts. The focus is on projects that have strong artistic teams and strong producing partners, and that are likely to have national and international impact.

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