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What We’re Saying to MPs – Pre-budget Recommendations

Hard to believe that we’re well into August!

At PACT, August signals that it’s time to reach out to MPs to connect, let them know what is important to our members and reinforce the important role that federal support and policy play in allowing us to reach our audiences and Canadians more generally.

PACT’s recommendations to the Standing Committee on Finance’s pre-budget consultations is one important way we do this. Developed by the Advocacy Committee, our brief is where we lay out recommendations to government for the next budget. As in past years, our recommendations align with those of the Canadian Arts Coalition.

For the 2018 federal budget PACT is recommending

  • Investing in the cultural workforce through:
    • An additional $1 million for the Young Canada Works Building Careers internship program;
    • A further $10 million for the Canada Arts Training Fund
  • Expanding the reach of Canadian theatre productions through:
    • A $30 million enhancement to Canada Arts Presentation Fund to allow more presenters to more appropriately compensate artists and increase opportunities for their audiences
    • An extension of funding support for the Creative Export strategy
  • Diversifying revenue through enhanced endowments through:
    • Raising the annual cap in funding for the Canada Cultural Investment Fund
    • Enhanced funding to the program to allow for more entrants

You can read this year’s brief (as well as previous years’ briefs) in our Contracts and Resources section of the website. If you have any questions or thoughts on it, please contact us. We’d welcome a discussion with you on them.

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