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PACT’s 2019 Federal Election Messaging

These are PACT’s policy recommendations for the 2019 federal election campaign, which we’ve shared with numerous stakeholders in Ottawa. They are based on a survey of the PACT membership conducted earlier this year, as we were preparing our federal pre-budget submission. We encourage you to use these messages in conversations with your local candidates about their support for Canada’s theatre sector.

  • Canada Council for the Arts (CCA) – Ensuring that the five-year $180-million investment for the CCA announced in Budget 2016 is fully realized and fulfilled in Canada’s long-term fiscal plan by 2021 is a critical and pivotal part of the revenue mix of most professional non-profit Canadian theatres. It leverages other investment – thus enhancing productivity – and provides the ability for companies to innovate and respond to the changing nature of our country.
  • Canadian Arts Presentation Fund (CAPF) – Make the two-year, $16-million investment to CAPF announced in Budget 2019 a permanent addition, bringing the total investment from the government for CAPF to $42-million annually. This investment allows theatre productions to be shared with Canadians in locations across the country through professional festivals and events. Making this investment permanent creates synergies with other federal investments and enables Canadian productions to be competitive both in the domestic market and on the world stage.
  • Canadian Arts Training Fund (CATF) – Increase support for current and new professional arts training organizations, including those in the Indigenous arts training field, with an additional $10-million annual investment into the Canadian Arts Training Fund (CATF). This investment ensures that training is of the highest quality, ensures financial and administrative stability, and develops artists who are recognized for their excellence in Canada and internationally.
  • Endowment Incentives in the Canada Cultural Investments Fund (CCIF) – To further support philanthropic growth in the theatre sector, increase funding to the Endowment Incentives Component of the Canada Cultural Investment Fund (CCIF) by $6.5-million annually. The Endowment Incentives component of CCIF continues to help expand existing performing arts endowments and aid in the establishment of new ones, and it has also incentivized a culture of philanthropic giving and increased donor literacy in Canada’s arts sector.
  • Support for Indigenous Theatre – Increase funding and supports to create, enhance and develop Indigenous Theatre across the country.

PACT Members and Colleagues can download a template letter to customize and send to their local candidates. Our friends at the Canadian Arts Coalition have also launched their helpful resource site for the #VoteArts2019 campaign.

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