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24Jan 19

Resolving Employee Conflict

As a theatre manager, you are bound to come across conflict between your staff or others who work with your company. How you deal with it can have a great impact on the workplace. If conflict isn’t managed in a productive way, things can escalate and turn into larger issues,…

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18Jan 19

Nourishing Creative Vitality

Kaleidoscope Theatre for Young People By Misha Handman, Director of Operations & Development Kaleidoscope Theatre for Young People was founded on the belief that the creative instinct is vital to the strength and self-respect of all of us, and that if that creative vitality is not nourished in our children,…

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11Jan 19

Rooted in Urgency

Green Light Arts By Matt White, Artistic Producer Carin Lowerison and I started Green Light Arts five years ago because we wanted to take what we are good at, theatre, and use it to ignite positive social change in communities. You could say the impetus behind starting Green Light Arts…

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02Jan 19

Now is the Time to Add Social Media to Your Arts Advocacy Toolkit!

As technology continues to advance rapidly, changing the way our society communicates, it is vital for arts organizations to invest in building greater digital literacy, infrastructure and capacity. The emergence of social media has significantly impacted how we share information and motivate our patrons and elected officials alike. As citizens…

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18Dec 18

Advocacy for Beginners

Two years ago, I set a small advocacy goal for Vertigo Theatre: 3 people, 3 meetings, 3 messages. We committed to meet with members of City Council, the Provincial Legislative Assembly, and Parliament. The point of this advocacy experiment was to tell Vertigo’s story, and participate in conversations that could…

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