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05Mar 19

So What Exactly is Cultural Democracy?

We have a problem. And when I say we, I am talking about all of us who work in the arts in Canada, especially the performing arts. The problem is a lack of public will for the arts - in our communities, our governments and in the minds of the…

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01Mar 19

What It Means to Reimagine Theatre

Playwrights Theatre Centre By Belinda Bruce, Communications Manager As we write this, PTC has just wrapped WrightSpace – our annual ten-day residency that provides emerging and established playwrights from across Canada the opportunity to focus on their work by connecting them with one another and allowing them the space to…

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22Feb 19

Art on the Periphery

Talk Is Free Theatre By Arkady Spivak, Artistic Producer Talk Is Free Theatre is the only company in our Central Ontario region with a full professional winter season. Our mission, both in our home seasons and with our touring endeavours, is to produce cutting edge theatre works, such as are…

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15Feb 19

20 Years of Zuppa

Zuppa Theatre By Alex McLean, Co-Artistic Director We aren’t spring chickens anymore. We had our 20th anniversary in March and have barely stepped back to reflect. My colleague Ben Stone founded the company with our friend Sandy Gribbin in 1998, but it wasn’t until 1999 that the company’s longstanding artistic…

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