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16Oct 18

2018 Arts Day Recap

On Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018, PACT's Executive Director, Sara Meurling, and Membership and Communications Manager, Mirette A. Shoeir, joined over 100 arts advocates from across Canada who traveled to Parliament Hill to deliver the messages of the Canadian Arts Coalition and to encourage continued investment to our vibrant and creative…

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10Oct 18

What DOES NOT Constitute Harassment

Hello everyone! Harassment in the workplace has been an incredibly hot topic recently. There are plenty of resources, including Not in Our Space, that address how to handle harassment complaints, conduct an investigation, and outline what your obligations are. If you've received a harassment complaint you may be unsure how to proceed.…

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21Sep 18

Waving From the Other Peak

by Vicki Stroich Dramaturg and Arts Administrator Theatre is one of the most social and collaborative artistic practices there is.  The transition to a leadership role in an organization was an exciting challenge for me.  Given how I had worked before, the biggest challenge ended up being how isolated I…

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10Aug 18

What, PACT has an HR Specialist?!

  Q: So you're PACT's HR Specialist, What does that mean for members? It means that there is now someone you can call for all those HR best practices, policy, standards and accessibility questions that you have. I can also help you navigate the legalese of old and new workplace-related…

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