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12Dec 18

Accommodations & Accessibility in the Workplace

In theatre, we often think about (or should be thinking about) how we can make our spaces as accessible as possible for our audiences. However, what can be missed is making the workplace accessible for our staff. Our staff should be as diverse as our audience. If we are going…

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30Nov 18

Adapting to New Opportunities

Carousel Players By Monica Dufault, Artistic Director Now in our 47th season, Carousel Players is a multi-award winning Theatre for Young Audiences company based in the Niagara region of Ontario, perhaps best known for our work touring theatre to schools for children from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8. A large…

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27Nov 18

The Importance of Advocating for Theatre for Young Audiences

As a Theatre for Young Audiences Company, the theatre we choose to commission, produce and present must reflect the current state of the world in ways that youth can relate to and access.  In many ways, the built in system of connecting with our audience directly must seem advantageous –…

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20Nov 18

To Advocate for Theatre, or Not to Advocate for Theatre?

That is NOT the question. The questions are: how, when, where, how often, to whom, for what artistic body/political body, for what theatre/show/playwright/training program/outreach initiative, to argue the economic value/intrinsic value/community value/tourism value/personal value, viability, vitality, etc. In measuring my life as BAC and AAC (before advocacy committee and after…

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