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Digital Strategy Consultant

Digital Strategy Consultant

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  • Halifax, NS
  • Applications have closed.
  • Salary: 10000

Website 2btheatre 2b theatre company

Halifax based. Internationally acclaimed.

Click here to read our full length Request for Proposals for more information on how to apply.

2b theatre company has received Canada Council funding through the Digital Strategy Fund to
hire a consultant to conduct a Digital Needs Assessment. With consideration of 2b’s capacity
and resources available, the consultant will help 2b see opportunities, identify relevant digital
skills to develop, and set goals to advance the organization’s digital maturity.


In the past two years, 2b has taken steps to improve its digital maturity in a variety of areas. A
new responsive website with a portal for interested presenters strengthens our engagement
with audience and stakeholders. Updated database and newsletter systems will improve the
way we track information about our target audiences and will give us new insights. A change to
our digital filing system streamlines internal processes. Livestreaming events and
performances allows 2b to disseminate its work via a new medium to more audiences.
To date, 2b’s digital strategy has been more responsive than proactive. We have addressed our
most urgent digital needs without taking the time to step back to consider how to best align our
digital strategy with our broader organizational priorities. By conducting a digital needs
assessment, we hope to identify digital opportunities and hone in on specific digital goals for

This digital needs assessment will coincide with a strategic planning process conducted by arts
consultant Barbara Richman (scheduled to begin September 2019 and to be completed in 2020,
prior to 2b’s year end in August 2020). It is our intention to finalize our digital needs assessment
before the strategic plan is complete to ensure that its findings can be incorporated into the
final strategic plan. We feel that beginning the digital needs assessment around the same time
as the strategic planning process would be advantageous as we will have the company’s
broader goals front of mind.

Project Requirements
Digital Needs Assessment
Identify digital goals for 2b and identify the gaps between the current
state and where we need to invest. Sample questions:
i. What infrastructure, actions, and programs should 2b prioritize
when it comes to the use of digital tools?
ii. How digital should 2b be (vis-à-vis other means by which 2b
fulfils its corporate mission)?
iii. How does 2b benefit from improving our digital skills?


Project Timeline
Please include a proposed project timeline in your proposal.
Project must be completed between September 1 and December 31 2019.


Proposal Requirements
1. Letter of Introduction
a. Provide a summary of why you are a good fit for this project.
2. About You
a. Outline your relevant experience.
b. Outline your relevant services.
c. Attach biographies and/or resumes of relevant team members.
3. Examples of Relevant Experience
a. Provide examples/case studies of past similar work you have conducted.
4. Budget Breakdown
a. Refer to the Schedule of Fees (below).
5. Knowledge of Industry
a. Demonstrate an understanding of the context in which 2b theatre company
operates (arts sector, performing arts, theatre, touring, artist-driven organization).
6. Work Plan and Approach
a. Describe your work plan, deliverables, working style, and approach.

Schedule of Fees
The project budget is fixed at $10 000 CAD. All quoted budget fees must include incidentals
(travel, accommodation, printing, telephone, etc) but exclude HST. Please note that 2b theatre
company is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia and any necessary travel to Halifax should be
accounted for in your budget breakdown.
Please provide a proposed payment schedule.

Scoring of proposals
Experience and Qualifications – 30%
Industry Knowledge – 30%
Work Plan & Approach – 20%
Project Understanding – 15%
Budget – 5%

If you have any questions regarding your application, please direct them to

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