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Get To Know PACT’s Insurance Solutions

Our Executive Director, Sara Meurling, tells us all about three of our insurance programs. As a self-professed insurance nerd, she’s pretty excited to share this information.

As you know, the PACT office is working to make your membership as valuable to you as possible.  This includes offering a group of insurance solutions for you that are customized for theatres.

(OK, many of you know that I am a bit of an insurance nerd…over my years as a Producer and Managing Director, a good plan and a great relationship with my insurance broker has helped me with everything from theft to performance cancellation, and enhanced my theatre’s relationship with staff when I couldn’t give them the raises I wanted.  So I do encourage you to consider these great options)

Even if you have an insurance program that has been in place for some time or you have a longstanding broker relationship, I suggest you have a look at the new pactONE program and to at the very least get a quote for a possible employee benefit plan – these special, members-only offers can save you money, limit your organizational risk and enhance your compensation package.


pactONE™: a suite of insurance for members of PACT

Many of our members are familiar with the actONE Insurance Program that was created  by Steve Beatty.

Created in partnership with Front Row Insurance Brokers Inc.  –  pactONE offers even more enhancements and the premium has been reduced for PACT members.

pactONE™ was created with an eye on anticipating and alleviating the distinct risks of theatre and performing arts professionals. Blanketed coverage means no gaps: you’ll be insured from the moment you begin a project; from prepping and rehearsing your show, to opening night and right through your run as well as insuring all of your fundraising events and day-to-day operations and your volunteers.  This includes your general Commercial insurance, Management Liability Insurance for your Directors & Officers, your Organization and for claims related to employment liability.

Production and operational coverage brought together seamlessly for the most complete insurance coverage available in Canada today.


PACT Bond Program

Since the Bond Program launched in 2014 each year we see more members recognize the improvement to cash flow and simplified administration that the Trisura Bond offers producing companies. As of today, we have 77 companies using this affordable solution to satisfy their CTA and ITA bond requirements.


What Exactly is the PACT Bond Program?

The PACT Bond Program is a third-party surety bond designed to satisfy a company’s security requirements with CAEA under the CTA or ITA.  Project and Peak bonds are available. The program is administered by Front Row Insurance Brokers and Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company.

One member says “I would like to thank everyone at PACT for whatever hard work it took to initiate this bond program. So far, it is an excellent innovation that has really helped our organization. Well Done!”


PACT Members – Access the PACT Bond Program website


Or, if you have more questions, contact Eleanor Antoncic, Labour Relations Manager, by phone at 416-595-6455 ext 14 or via email.


Group Health & Employee Benefits

Many of us struggle with compensation for our staff, often unable to provide more than an annual cost-of-living increase or a little more vacation time. A good employee benefits plan can make the world of difference!

We have partnered with Blueprint Insurance Services and RWAM Insurance Administrators to create a benefits plan available to all PACT members across Canada. Our ultimate goal is to take the job of managing employee benefits off your to-do list and put it onto theirs. Blueprint will help you with all aspects of transitioning to a new carrier or the startup of a new plan.

If you think a group plan for your employees is out of reach or you just want a cost-comparison for your current plan, I encourage you to check out the Blueprint/RWAM program we have created.   It can be customized for your size and budget.

(And you know, you don’t have to wait until the renewal of your existing insurance to look into your options!)


Visit our Insurance page for more information on any of these programs.



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