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Industry News: What’s Happening in Canadian Theatre July 4-7

Industry News

Welcome to Industry News, a new blog series sharing what’s happening in Canadian theatre and the wider arts community. Each week we’ll share news we’ve come across as well as events, calls for nominations and submissions, and professional development opportunities.

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Comings and Goings

Member News

The Michael Langham Workshop for Classical Direction – a director training program with emphasis on classical text

The Michael Langham Workshop is for theatre directors, from emerging to mid-stage in their career.  Their primary task will be assistant directing one of the plays in the Festival’s 2018 season. The Festival’s 2018 season begins in February with the final openings in August.  Assistant directors are usually required for 8-16 weeks within that timeframe.

Globe Theatre offers ‘accessible’ performance of The Little Mermaid

The Globe Theatre (Regina SK) offered relaxed performances as part of its production of The Little Mermaid. Open to everyone, the environment was adapted for people with autism, physical and cognitive disabilities and families with small children.

What’s Happening in the Wider Community

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