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Help Us Support Canadian Theatre

It’s been a busy year for PACT, and there’s even more programming on the way for 2020. Here’s what your donations support:

CTA Negotiations: As you may know, CTA negotiations are still ongoing. Because the agreement we ultimately reach will have far ranging effects, we have been inviting fellow artists and arts administrators from across the country to take part in negotiations. We have been covering travel and accommodation costs for all participants from the CTA Negotiations Fund, in order to remove financial barriers to their participation and allow everyone a voice.

Travel Subsidy Fund: PACTcon2019 was a hit, with more than 200 attendees! Our conference registration is priced to break even only, so that more people can participate each year. Thanks to your generous support of the Travel Subsidy Fund this year, we were able to welcome 13 folks from PACT member companies who otherwise would not have been able to come to Saskatoon.

All In: We have taken the time to run an internal audit of our All In program and are working to shift it from a stand-alone program into an initiative that integrates equity, diversity, and inclusion into everything we do. Following the plenary session at PACTcon2019 hosted by Donna-Michelle St. Bernard, Cole Alvis, and Grace Nguyen, we have started rolling out a series of learning webinars hosted by facilitators bringing different perspectives from across the country. We are working with the membership and the facilitators on planning how we can expand these offerings, and it is important to us to ensure that our facilitators are paid fairly for their time and work.

Advocacy: This year saw a federal election that changed the political landscape in which we operate. Early in the year, we formulated five specific asks based on priorities identified from a survey of the membership. In June, the PACT team headed to Ottawa to put these asks in front of MPs one more time before the election. We have been in constant conversation with the Minister Rodriguez’s (and now Minister Guilbeault’s) office to ensure that the concerns of the theatre sector are kept top of mind, and we have also been meeting with officers from the Canada Council to present concerns arising from the new funding model. We work hard to maintain these relationships, and with our government relations consultants, we’ll be rolling out a series of interactive sessions in the new year to share advocacy strategies and learn more about your concerns.

Mallory Gilbert Leadership Award: 2019 was the 13th year where the Mallory Gilbert Leadership Award was presented to an outstanding arts administrator at the PACT conference. The award is funded by donations and also includes a protégé chosen by the Award winner, underlining the importance of skills and knowledge transmission in leadership building.

As a not-for-profit arts service organization, more than half of our budget comes from our membership dues and donations. We rely on you to ensure that we can deliver our programming and remove financial accessibility barriers to bring as many voices as we can into the room. Our goal is to raise $10,000 by the end of the year. We only need 100 folks to give $100 each. We believe we can do this!

For your donation, not only will you get a shiny tax receipt, but we will also talk about how great you are on our website and at the conference (unless you ask us not to!)

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