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Advocacy and Public Awareness

We are a founding member of the Canadian Arts Coalition (CAC), a collaborative non-partisan movement spearheaded by a group of national arts service and membership organizations. For the past ten years we have worked with the other organizations involved with the CAC to advocate for, among other things, the doubling of the budget of the Canada Council for the Arts, an investment we were proud to see promised in the 2016 federal budget.

We also partner each year with the Playwright’s Guild of Canada (PGC) and the Association des théâtres francophones du Canada (ATFC) to commission a message celebrating World Theatre Day from a distinctly Canadian perspective.

Equity-Seeking Work

In 2016 we officially launched All In: a National Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Initiative for Canada’s theatre sector. All In is a capacity development program is unique to Canada’s professional arts ecology, in that it promotes a Social Justice framework that gives equal importance to the barriers and inequities experienced by all equity-seeking communities, and offers-up multi-versal worldviews from which we can all learn about and from each other’s different cultures, customs and norms.

We are also a founding partner and a steering committee member of Equity in Theatre,  multi-stakeholder initiative aiming to remedy existing gender and related inequities in the theatre industry.

In the Community

We are a member of Imagine Canada, the Canadian Network for Arts and Learning, and the Conseil Québécois du theatre (CQT) and support the programming and aims of the Theatre Museum of Canada.

We also regularly present and speak to arts administration students on programs at schools like Centennial College and Humber College and participate in an advisory capacity with Artsbuild Ontario and Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Movement Ontario (CPAMO).

Performing Arts Alliance

We often engage in strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations such as the Performing Arts Alliance (PAA), a group of five performing arts service organizations who come together to address issues affecting their members and to create solutions that will benefit the live performing arts as a whole.

The members of the PAA are:

  • Orchestras Canada
  • the Canadian Dance Assembly
  • the Canadian Arts Presenting Association
  • the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres

“The Network”

In 2015 we gathered together every organization in Canada with memberships that included professional producing theatre companies. The idea is to spark conversations and foster networking with colleague organizations in professional theatre, working together in a peer network to advance and promote theatre practices in Canada.

The group has three founding principles:

  • Collaboration
  • Inclusion
  • Openness

The group currently includes:

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