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In addition to our Board of Directors, we have committees, advisories and working groups that serve the priorities of the membership and the mission of PACT.

Each committee is chaired by a member of the PACT Board of Directors and meets at different times throughout the year. Committees are comprised of:

  • member of the Board of Directors
  • staff at PACT member companies
  • PACT Staff
  • theatre professionals who work at companies who are not members of PACT
  • independent artists

Each committee addresses major issues facing the PACT membership as well as Canadian theatre as a whole and strives to create a better environment in which theatre can be created.

Advocacy Committee

The Advocacy Committee addresses issues such as government relations and public awareness of the value of the performing arts. The committee discusses advocacy issues relating to PACT’s strategic and operating plans, shares information with the membership and empowers the membership regarding advocacy issues.

Artistic Practice Committee

The Artistic Practice Committee addresses issues relating to the idea of diversity within artistic practice in Canadian Theatre as identified by the membership. The committee serves to inform, educate and support the membership on the topic of diversity in artistic practice, to network and create synergies between companies, and to identify issues that arise as a result of the diversity of artistic practice in Canadian Theatre.

Cultural Diversity Committee

The Cultural Diversity Committee was created as an outlet for PACT to address issues of cultural diversity in Canadian Theatre as identified by the membership. The committee works to inform, educate and support the membership on such issues, to offer creative solutions to challenges surrounding diversity and to recommend policies to the Board and membership.

Equity & Diversity Committee

The Equity and Diversity Committee aims to address issues of diversity in Canadian theatre as related to gender, physical ability, or any other diversity as identified by the membership of the day with the exception of cultural diversity and diversity of practice issues. To ensure that the issue of equity is an integral component of all discussions and decisions regarding diversity.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee responds to immediate issues facing the organization and its membership and supports the Executive Director. The committee ensures that the management of PACT adheres to the current strategic and operating plans and provides advice and support to the Executive Director.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee oversees financial issues relating to PACT. The committee keeps the Board of Directors informed on the organization’s financial status, reviews annual forecasts, budgets and audits, ensures that the organization’s finances are prudent and in keeping with the board’s plans, and acts as a resource to the Executive Director.

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee addresses issues relating to succession planning, board recruitment and policy and acts as the nominating committee for the Board of Directors. The committee maintains the PACT Bylaws, ensures compliance with legal requirements and helps new Board members settle into their role.

Labour Relations Committee

The Labour Relations Committee provides support, leadership and input on labour relations issues in Canadian Theatre. The committee discusses, strategizes and interprets labour agreements and issues as necessary, assists staff in recruiting negotiating teams and recommends policies to the Board and membership.

Membership & Engagment Committee

The Membership and Engagement Committee addresses issues such as recruitment, assessment of applications, dues increases, member retention activities, volunteer recognition, and from time to time to recommend Honorary Life Membership designation and serve as an advisory for the Mallory Gilbert Leadership Award.

Learning & Networking Committee

The Learning and Networking Committee identifies and monitors the professional development needs of the membership and advises staff on the planning and execution of professional development programs and resources with a focus on research, policy development and evaluation.

Working Groups

In addition to each committee PACT creates ad-hoc groups from time to time that deal with issues of importance to our members. These groups tend to have specific focuses and defined timelines and usually dissolve once the work of the group is complete. Past working groups have centred on issues of advocacy, labour, diversity and PACT’s international presence.

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