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Membership with PACT will connect you and your company to more than 140 professional theatre companies and a network of theatre professionals who believe in and share our objectives and principles.

There are four options for membership  – Regular, Commercial, Associate and Affiliate (which does not use the collectively negotiated agreements).  Each of these membership types bring strength to the voice of theatre in Canada. We work to negotiate agreements with artists’ associations in hopes of creating a framework where theatre is made across the country in a fair and inclusive way. We have created a Bond Program that frees up valuable cash flow for our members and have worked with the federal government to remove barriers to working with artists from other countries. Through our collective influence we have built productive relationships with government representatives and staff at the Canada Council for the Arts. We have forged relationships with other theatre associations across the country and globally.

We are a member-led organization. This means that our members are consulted often and invited to share their concerns, challenges and successes with the PACT community. Our members steer the organization, which in turn helps guide the industry as a whole.

We invite you to explore how PACT can help you as a theatre company and what you and your company can bring to our community.

To learn more about us please see our specific benefits and member dues or read our FAQ for more information.

All PACT Members…

  • Are one of the following: corporation, association, partnership, co-operative, society or proprietorship
  • Can be either for-profit or not-for-profit
  • Are engaged professionally in the creation of theatre in Canada
  • Have produced at least one season (as defined by the company)
  • Have objectives consistent with PACT

Regular & Commercial Members…

  • Operate (or will operate) under relevant negotiated agreements, including the CTA
  • Have voting rights on all PACT business

Affiliate Members…

  • Do not wish to operate under relevant negotiated agreements, including the CTA
  • Have voting rights on all PACT business with the exception of labour relations issues
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