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Change is on the Menu

PACTcon2019 is coming and if you think for a second that this year’s conference is going to be same-o, same-o – well think again!

This year’s conference, aptly titled A Work In Progress, takes us as a community to the grey zone; a terrifying place where everything is in flux, and everything we thought we knew about art and practice comes into question. It is no longer business as usual.

It’s time for deep examinations and explorations of what it means to be a theatre maker in this country. It’s time to re-assess, re-imagine, re-envision and to turn reflection into action.

We are in the thick of uncertainty and on the brink of real change. The theatre landscape is shifting, with new leaders and the next generation of theatre creators and makers. What does this all mean, and what does our future look like?

At the conference later this month, we’ll work together on PACT’s strategic plans. We’ll also discuss issues around the Canadian Theatre Agreement. Our Labour Relations Committee has been hard at work in negotiations, and it has now been determined that the ratification vote on a new agreement would happen after the conference. We are committed to negotiating an agreement that sees us as theater makers, and that accommodates the ever-evolving artistic practices and ever-changing management model within today’s theatre ecology.

Let’s see each other face to face. Let’s talk in big groups and small groups. Let’s talk one-on-one. Let’s use this conference as a way to open up channels of communication: to unload our burdens and fears, to exchange lenses and perspectives, to inspire new ideas and innovations, and to share each other’s hopes.

Let’s use this space to reintroduce ourselves to each other, to put aside assumptions and see each other in a different light. We are all connected. Whether we work in large companies or small unvenued collectives, the issues at hand affect us all. So let’s all be in this scary grey area together. And let’s figure it out together.

Come and embrace the uncertainty of it all.

In Solidarity,

Nina & Mike (a.k.a. Katniss Everdeen & King T’Challa)

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