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Budget 2019 Looks Good For The Arts

Budget 2019 Looks Good for the Arts

PACT applauds the announcement in Budget 2019 to increase funding for the Canada Arts Presentation Fund (CAPF) by $16 million over two years. This fund supports programming and development for arts festivals and performing arts series and is accessed by many of PACT’s members.

CAPF currently stands at $32 million and is vastly oversubscribed. This new increase is a reasonable investment to enhance the program and the impact of its recipients. From the announcement made yesterday, the annual budget will effectively increase to $40 million per year for two years.

From Budget 2019

“To support the production of more artistic events across the country, Budget 2019 also proposes to provide $16 million over two years, starting in 2019– 20, to the Canada Arts Presentation Fund. This Fund supports not-for-profit professional performing arts organizations—including festivals and performing arts series—in all regions of the country […] Collectively, this will help bring the talents of Canada’s live performers to more communities across the country, giving more Canadians a chance to see, hear and celebrate Canadians’ talents.”

This budget announcement could not have happened without your participation in advocacy efforts and in Arts Day on the Hill. CAPF was identified as a priority by members for PACT’s pre-budget submission. We are grateful to the Canadian Arts Coalition who prioritized CAPF as a budgetary ask, and to the arts organizations and individuals across the country who advocated for this issue. You can see the Coalition’s Budget 2019 news release on their website.

So, what’s next? Let’s ensure that the Canadian theatre community continues to maximize CAPF funding and to demonstrate and communicate the impact of this investment. Let’s keep in mind that it is the federal election year and the increase is only committed for two years. We will need to continue to advocate for a continued and permanent increase. We will continue to work with the Canadian Arts Coalition and the broader community to realize this new investment, and to collectively advocate for other issues of importance to our Canadian arts sector.

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