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­Do you have a job opening at your arts organization? Extend your reach to excellent candidates working in professional theatre nationwide with a posting to Artsboard!

Artsboard is an online job board run by the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres. It is visited by staff at professional theatre companies across Canada, organizations of many other arts disciplines, and individual artists and administrators.

How can I post a job?

PACT Members can log into the PACT website to post a job via the Artsboard Submission form.

Non-members can post a job without a PACT account.

In both cases simply fill out the form and, in the case of non-members, proceed to the payment page.

How will my posting appear?

Every posting includes the following information:

  • Job title
  • Organization name and location
  • Deadline for applications (if applicable)
  • Organization description
  • Brief description of the position
  • Expected salary (In a move towards fostering transparency, equitable hiring practices, and to comply with new labour laws coming into effect in some provinces, we ask companies to share their hourly wage, salary, or salary ranges for job postings on Artsboard. We anticipate making this a required field in the near future.)

How much does a posting cost?

  • PACT Members can post job openings on Artsboard free of charge.
  • Non-members can post job openings on Artsboard for a fee.

Job postings run from the time of posting until the application deadline. If the job posting has no deadline then it will run until the job has been filled, either by PACT or by the poster.

Type of Post Fee*
Job Posting
(non-member arts organizations)
$75+HST per post
Job Posting
(recruitment agencies, educational institutions, etc.)
$125+HST per post

Job postings are subject to moderation by the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres.

Special Employment Bulletins

Looking for more ways to get your job posting advertised? Want to get your posting into the right inbox? Short on time? We also offer Special Employment Bulletins!

Special Employment Bulletins (SEBs) are postings sent as a single email to all subscribers to the PACT mailing list. This list includes staff at PACT member companies, individual artists and administrators, and staff at funding agencies and other arts service organizations, among others.

SEB Pricing

Type of Organization Fee*
PACT Members $100 per SEB
Non-member arts organizations $125 per SEB
Recruitment agencies, educational institutions, etc. $200 per SEB

Posting Multiple Jobs in a SEB

Organizations can include a maximum of three positions in one SEB. There is a cost associated with this option:

Type of Organization Fee*
PACT Members Free of charge
Non-member arts organizations $25 per additional job
Recruitment agencies, educational institutions, etc. $35 per additional job


Please contact Mirette Shoeir in the PACT office at

** Pricing is subject to change without notice.

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