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Creating a Living, Evolving Document

This plan has been more than a year in the making; it was a process that was begun in Meacham where we received input from you, the membership, and then went through several drafts of writing in order to come up with a strategic plan that reflects your values and concerns. Then COVID happened and we went back to the drawing board to ensure that the final version reflects the current climate in which we create.

Last August we held a session as part of our Digital conference where we gave you an overview of PACT’s new strategic plan. After we all sat with the plan for a few weeks we followed up with a town hall last September where you were able to voice your concerns and comments. We made tweaks and adjustments accordingly.

PACT’s Membership then voted to approve this plan in October 2020.

This Plan is a living document which will evolve over the course of the next 4 years. PACT’s board and staff will now work together to create an actionable organizational and operational plan that can be put into effect to realize the goals of the strategic plan.

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