Pledge Project

PACT and its membership are at the beginning of a major project to foster equity & inclusion in Canadian theatre – this project is one of the first steps to sectoral change.

The Pledge Project

There is an undeniable imbalance in gender representation amongst playwrights, directors and theatre creators: we have statistics and reports and straw polls to demonstrate this.
As part of working to address these gender inequities, PACT’s Diversity Committee hosted a session at the 2015 PACT conference aimed at helping participants identify and acknowledge personal biases and blind spots, particularly when it comes to the decisions we make in our organizations about who to work with – artists, staff and board members. At the end of the session the Diversity Committee encouraged those attending to make a pledge – to publicly declare an action they will take to help achieve gender equity in their company and, by extension, in our industry.
Many of our members have made a pledge – to do something to foster gender equity by implementing change in their own organizations: at the board level, in artistic decisions, in strategic plans, and more. We acknowledge and celebrate these steps forward and hope that those yet to make a pledge will be inspired by the actions of our fellow PACT members. Over the subsequent months, pledges were made not only around issues of gender equity but other marginalized and under-represented communities.

Individual efforts can cumulatively effect collective change. Each PACT member can choose how they wish to contribute, knowing that their actions, no matter how big or small, make a big picture difference.


It’s Evolving Already

Some of the pledges are about more than gender equity, including cultural diversity in their pledge as well. That’s why the PACT Diversity and Cultural Diversity Committees are teaming up to support you with your pledge.


Together We Can Do More

We know that every PACT member has a choice about what’s right for your company - what changes you're able to make, and what tools work for you. We encourage you to choose an action that tackles inequity! And know that the Diversity and Cultural Diversity Committees stand with you and will work with you on whatever you take on.
If you want to make a pledge send an email to Membership & Communications Manager Meg Shannon letting us know what action you want to take. You don’t even need a fully formed idea! We’ll help with that part. Once we hear from you we’ll get in touch and make a plan with you.