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Mallory Gilbert Leadership Award

The Mallory Gilbert Leadership Award annually celebrates and recognizes an individual who has demonstrated outstanding administrative or managerial leadership within the Canadian theatre community. The award also includes a protégé, chosen by the Award winner, underlining the importance of skills and knowledge transmission in leadership building. Winners are chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Displaying consistent, significant and valuable administrative leadership
  • Being respected by peers for leading, growing, or changing an organization or initiative
  • Being recognized for positive contributions to the development of Canadian theatre, such as community involvement, mentorship, or advocacy
  • Exhibiting commitment to inspiring and generating passion in others


The Mallory Gilbert Leadership Award celebrates and recognizes outstanding administrative or managerial leadership within the Canadian Theatre Community. It was initiated in celebration of PACT's 30th anniversary in 2006-2007 and was named in honour of Mallory Gilbert, Tarragon Theatre's General Manager for 34 years and one of the founders and a Past President of PACT.

Each year the MGLA honours Mallory Gilbert by bearing her name. Ms. Gilbert is one of Canada's most respected arts managers. In addition to her successful 34-year tenure at Toronto's Tarragon Theatre, she has served on numerous local and national boards of directors and advisory boards. Ms. Gilbert served on PACT's Board for 20 years (as PACT President 1989-1993), and was the recipient of PACT Honourary Life Membership in 2005. By mentoring countless aspiring arts administrators during the course of her career, she has shaped the careers of many of Canada's theatre leaders and encouraged the creation of exciting new theatre ventures.

Past winners of the Mallory Gilbert Leadership Award:

  • 2016 - Nancy Webster and protégé Katie Pounder
  • 2015 - Ivan Havel and protégés Nadine Carew and Natalie Ackers
  • 2014 - Yvette Nolan and protégé Kristen Holfeuer
  • 2013 - David Abel and protégé Rebecca Singh
  • 2012 - Chuck Childs and protégé Adèle Benoit
  • 2011 - Philip Akin and protégé Mumbi Tindyebwa Otu
  • 2010 - Naomi Campbell and protégé Donna-Michelle St. Bernard
  • 2009 - Heather Redfern and protégé Kris Nelson
  • 2008 - Cherry Karpyshin and protégé Madonna Van Vonderen
  • 2007 - Jenny Munday and protégé Natasha MacLellan


Support for the Mallory Gilbert Leadership Award

We gratefully acknowledges previous support for the MGLA from Tarragon Theatre, who sponsored the award for the first five years, and the Metcalf Foundation, who has generously supported the award (2012-2015) both in recognition of Mallory Gilbert's contribution to the sector and as part of their longstanding commitment to supporting the people who work in the professional performing arts sector.

We welcome new and renewed support for the MGLA. If you would like to support the award please contact PACT's Executive Director, Sara Meurling or visit our Canada Helps page set up specifically for support to the MGLA.



For more information, including how to nominate someone or eligibility criteria for the award and selection jury, contact Membership and Communications Associate Meg Shannon.

Mallory Gilbert Leadership Award Donors

Thank you to all those who have donated to support the Mallory Gilbert Leadership Award.

Chuck Childs
Sara Lee Lewis
Andy Lunney
Micheline McKay
Nicole Milne
Frank Nickel
Meredith Potter
Peter Roberts
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